The mission of the Catholic University of Zimbabwe Library (CUZL) is to enrich its user community by fostering lifelong learning and providing access to recorded knowledge and information consistent with present and anticipated needs of the Catholic University of Zimbabwe (CUZ). CUZL seeks to serve as the intellectual commons of the university, providing high quality services, resources and gateways to meet the needs of CUZ's diverse instructional, research and outreach programmes. This will be in keeping with the technological advances of the 21st Century..

CUZL seeks to serve as the intellectual commons of the university, providing high quality services, resources and gateways to meet the needs of CUZ's diverse instructional, research and outreach programmes. This will be in keeping with the technological advances of the 21st Century.

Membership to the Catholic university of Zimbabwe Library is open to registered students and all university staff are entitled to use the library, subject to observing the rules All other cases depend on the discretion of the University Librarian

  1. PLEASE NOTE: A valid university I.D or approved reader's ID must be shown to the security before entry into the library.
  1. Entry is by use of student/staff ID card.
  2. Approved visitors shall be made to pay a fee that will be levied by the University
  3. No bags, umbrellas, parcel, etc except laptops and books may be brought into the library.
  4. Smoking is not permitted in the library.
  5. The use of matches and open lights are forbidden.
  6. Consumption of food and drinks in not permitted in the library
  7. Use of mobile phones is not permitted (NB put your phones on silence)
  9. Reservation of seats and tables is not permitted
  10. Books and other article or items left for a length of time on the chairs or tables may be removed by the library staff.
  11. Users must be decently dressed and conduct themselves properly in the library.
  12. Users are required to treat the library with respect and courtesy. Should any incident be reported, the librarian will pursue the matter with the appropriate authority.
  13. The library staff on duty have the right to request a user to leave the premises if he/she is found to be violating any of the Library rules.
  14. Official time for determining fines on overdue books and for other purposes will be determined in the computer system be down, the correct time will be determined by the library staff at the service points.
  15. On leaving the library, all users are required to produce, for inspection, all books and items taken out of the library.
  16. The University will withhold Library facilities for any infringements of these rules.
  17. The Library will not accept responsibility for or misplacement of personal belongings
  18. The University will amend the library rules and regulations as and when necessary
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Annual Reviews Biomedical/Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics
ASABE Technical Information Library Agricultural engineering, Agricultural health and safety, Power and machinery, Soil and water, Food and Process Engineering, Structures and Environment,Information and Electrical Technologies,Biological Engineering, Forest Engineering.
British Institute of Radiology Ultrasound, Radiation Physics, Diagnostic Radiology,Radiotherapy,Oncology.
Brill Online Humanities, Social Sciences, Biology, International and Human Rights Law.
DeGruyter Journals
DeGruyter LIS Books Library and Information Science.
DeGruyter LIS Books History, Law , Library and Information Science,Linguistics and Communications, Literary Studies, Mathematics, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Theology, Judaism, Religion.
Duke University Press Humanities, Sciences, East Asian cultural studies, French history, Mathematics, History of Economics, Feminism, Culture and Media studies to Medieval and Early Modern Studies.
DeGruyter LIS Books Library and Information Science.
EbscoHost Research Database Multidisciplinary, Business, Education.
E-brary E-books The Collection of Books from Varied International Libraries.
Emerald Management Accounting, Finance & Economics, Business, Management & Strategy Education, HR, Learning & Organization Studies, Health & Social Care, Information & Knowledge Management, Library Studies, Marketing Operations, Logistics, Quality Property Management & Built Environment, Public Policy & Environmental Management,Tourism & Hospitality Management .
Gale Expanded Academic & Health Wellness Resource Centre Economics, Business & Finance,Anthropology, Archeology, Computing & Computers Education Art, Literature, Music, History International Relations, Law Sociology, Philosophy, Religion,Medicine, Health STDs,AIDS Psychology, Mental Health Nurs.
Gale Virtual Reference Library Arts,Biography, Business, Education, History, Literature, Medicine, Religion, Science, Sociology, World. .
Geological Society - The Lyell Collection Complete Geology and Earth Sciences.
HST - Libraries in a digital Age Electrical and electronic engineering,Telecommunications, Computing, Power Control, Radar Circuits, Materials Life sciences, IT.
Institute of Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS) Accounting, Finance & Economics Business, Management & Strategy Education HR, Learning & Organization Studies Health & Social Care Information & Knowledge Management Library Studies Marketing Operations, Logistics & Quality Property Management & Built Environment Public Policy & Environmental Management Tourism & Hospitality Management.
JSTOR Business, Economics, History, Political Science, Language & Literature, Art & Art History, Music, Mathematics & Statistics, Education, Area Studies, Life Sciences, Ecology & Botany.
IET Digital Library Electrical and electronic engineering,Telecommunications, Computing, Power Control, Radar Circuits, Materials Life sciences, IT.
Liebert Online Biotechnology Biomedical research/life sciences Clinical medicine and surgery Law.
Nature Publishing Chemistry, Drug discovery Biotechnology, Materials, Methods & Protocols, Clinical Practice & Research, Cancer, Cardiovascular Medicine, Dentistry, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Methods & Protocols, Pathology & Pathobiology, Urology Earth & Environment, Earth sciences, Evolution & Ecology, Geosciences, Life sciences, Biotechnology, Cancer Development, Drug discovery, Evolution & Ecology, Genetics, Immunology, Medical research, Methods & Protocols, Microbiology, Molecular Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Systems Biology, Physical sciences, Physics, Materials, Nanotechnology, Photonics.
OECD iLibrary Economics, Energy, Environment, Social sciences.
OUP e-books International Law in Domestic Courts International Law
Project MUSE Books Archeology and Anthropology Film, Theater and Performing Arts, Global Cultural Studies, Higher Education, History, Literature, Philosophy and Religion, Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Political Science, Policy Studies, United States Regional Studies".
Project MUSE Journals Area and Ethnic Studies, Art, Architecture, Creative Writing, Education, Film, Theater, Performing Arts, History, Language and Linguistics, Library Science and Publishing, Literature, Medicine and Health, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Science, Technology, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Women's Studies, Gender, Sexuality.
Royal College of Physicians Clinical medicine,Public Health.
Royal Society - Royal Society Journals Online Mathematics, engineering and other physical sciences All biological sciences; particularly good on ecology, environment Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary science.
Royal Society of Chemistry - RSC Journals Archive Chemistry And Chemical related topics.
OUP e-books International Law in Domestic Courts International Law .
Royal Society of Chemistry - RSC Journals Online Chemistry, Organic, Inorganic, Analytical Chemistry, Natural Products, Green Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Catalysts and Catalysed Reactions, Organic Synthesis, Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins, Carbohydrate Chemistry, Monosaccharides, Disaccharides and Specific Oligosaccharides, Catalysis Chemical Modelling, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, NMR, Organometallic Chemistry, Organophosphorus Chemistry, Photochemistry, Spectroscopic Properties of Inorganic and Organometallic compounds.
Sage Journals Humanities, Social Sciences Scientific, Technical and Medical.
Springer eJournals Behavioural Sciences, Biomedical and Life Sciences, Business and Economics, Chemistry and Materials Science, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics and Astronomy.
Springer Lecture Notes Series Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics Security and Cryptology, Image, Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Graphics.
Taylor & Francis eBestseller Packages Area Studies, Arts, Audiology & Hearing Science, Behavioural Science, BioScience,Bulit Environment,Communication Studies,Computer Science,Development Studies, Development Studies Environment,Earth Studies, Economics Finance Business & Industry,Education,Environment and Agriculture,Engineering and Technology,Environment and Management,Food Science and Technology,Geography,Humanities,Health and Social Care,Language and Literature,Infomation Science, Humanities,Law, Mathematics and Statistics, Health, Medicine Dentistry Nursing and Allied,Physical Sciences,Politics and international Relations, Museum and Heritage Studies,Physical Sciences,Reference and Information Sciences,Social Science, Sports and Leisure,Tourism Hospitality and Events,Urban Studies.
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World Bank eLibrary "Agriculture, Climate Change & Environment, Communities & Human Settlements, Conflict and Development, Education, Energy, Finance and Financial Sector, Development, Gender, Governance Health, Nutrition and Population Industry; Information and Communication Technologies, Infrastructure Economics and, Finance, International Economics & Trade, Law and Development, Macroeconomics and Economic Growth, Poverty Reduction, Private Sector Development, Public Sector Development, Rural Development, Science and Technology, Development, Social Development, Social Protections and Labor Transport; Urban Development, Water ResourcesWater Supply and Sanitation World Bank" .
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Bioline International Public Health, International Development, Tropical Medicine, Food & Nutritional Security & Biodiversit.
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E-LIS. E-prints in Library and Information Science Multi Linguistic Multi Diversified Journals Ranging from Social Research to medicinal categories.
HighWire Press Free Online Full-text Articles Journal resevoir.
JURN Arts, Humanities ,Business Law, Nature Science, Medical .
MediaClubSouthAfrica Image Library Image Collection Journals.
Modernist Journals Project Journals Collection Of modern events.
Open Science Directory Journals for all things Science.
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PubMed Central Medical Journals.
RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) Journal resevoir.
Sabinet Open Access Journal Collection Business and Finance,Education,Labour,Law,Medicine & Health,Religion,Science, Technology and Agriculture,Social Sciences and Humanities,Open Access,African Journal .
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Wiley Open Access Bioengineering & Translational Medicine,Global Challenges, Learning Health Systems, Obesity Science & Practice, Limnology and Oceanography Letters.
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Alex Catalogue of Electronic texts American Literature, English Literature, Western Philosophy.
Bibliomania Novels on Fiction ,Drama,Poetry,Short Stories, Reference Books, Dictionaries. Accounting, Career & Study advice, Economics & Finance, Engineering, IT & Programming, Languages, Marketing & Law, Natural Sciences, Statistics & Mathematics, Strategy & Management, Business, Accounting & Finance, Career management, Communication & Presentation, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, IT Management, Job search & CV, Management & Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Office Programs & Software, Personal Development, .
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